Dental Implant Process Begins

It does sound like the opening credits to your favorite superhero movie, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the whole point, really. The dental implant process louisville residents can look forward to is quite exciting, really. What’s exciting about it is that the qualified dentists and orthodontists out there now have some of the most advanced dental technologies at their disposal. And you’ve got to take a look at the tools they’re using.

Smart and sophisticated, and rather small; you wonder how the dentists and their associate technologists are able to utilize them. Anyhow, today’s dental implants generally required at least one or more surgical procedures. To that end, the dentist’s evaluation needs to be as thorough as possible. The thorough evaluation would usually include a comprehensive dental exam and a complete review of the patient’s history.

It would then proceed to the preparation of a treatment plan. After which, a discussion may follow on the best form of anesthesia to utilize in lieu of the patient’s immediate physiological condition and even state of mind. During the comprehensive dental exam, the use of dental X-rays and/or 3D images is typical. It is at this point that the dental examiner wishes to produce models of the patient’s teeth and jaws.

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During the medical review, it is in the patient’s best interests to be as honest as possible. He or she should be telling the doctor about any underlying medical conditions as well as medications being taken. This not only includes prescription and over the counter medications, but even supplements as well. For instance, if the patient has an underlying heart condition, the dentist may wish to use antibiotics prior to surgery to help ward off possible infections.

This completes the short review of how the process begins.